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Chicago mass transit accident sends nine people to hospitals

Mass transit accidents often catch the public's attention because they usually involve large vehicles such as trains and buses. In Chicago, local residents know that mass transit accidents often lead to devastating consequences such as debilitating injuries and fatalities. The accident could be a result of errant dispatching, poor maintenance or driver negligence. Sadly, some of these accident can be prevented in the first place if, for example, the bus driver exercised due care.

An auto accident involving a Megabus, a day care van and a car sent nine people to different hospitals in Chicago, Illinois. Based on the report, a car struck an expressway railing and bounced into the path of the day care van, striking the latter on Interstate 94. The bus then hit the two stationary vehicles.

Tips to prevent motorcycle accidents

As spring approaches, residents of Chicago, Illinois, will be seeing motorcycles making a comeback on the road. Still, the danger of riding a motorcycle just looms around the corner, which is why motorcyclists need to be cautious.

Potholes are one of the concerns of motorcyclists. Bikers need to be aware of their surroundings and stay alert for portholes that can cause a motorcycle accident.

How does social media affect NTSB's work on aviation accidents?

The tragic Asiana aviation accident is still fresh in the minds of Chicago residents. Some people lost their lives while others suffered debilitating injuries as a result of the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board, the agency that conducts investigations on aviation accidents, will be using social media to provide more information to the public with the purpose of giving people the opportunity to learn.

According to the NTSB chairman, the agency has been using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, for quite some time now to inform the public regarding accident briefings. The recent Asiana accident, which caught the attention of the nation, gave people the chance to understand how the investigation goes when it comes to aviation accidents. With open communication and transparency because of social media, NTSB has been more forthcoming with the public about the exact details of the investigation.

One woman dies in an auto accident involving a truck and a car

Motor vehicle accidents such as car accidents are one of the major causes of serious injuries and deaths across the country. In Cook County, Illinois, some of the accidents that have occurred are considered accidental while others are caused by negligence or carelessness of another. If negligence was a factor, the victim automatically earns the right to file for compensation to recover awards and damages based on incurred losses.

Recently, one woman died as a result of an auto accident involving a tanker truck and a car. Based on the report, the fatal accident happened on Illinois 394 near Crete. A 29-year-old woman was heading west on Burville Road when she decided to pull out in front of the truck, resulting in a collision. The truck reportedly struck the passenger side of the car and hit a light pole before it tumbled and rested in a ditch, according to Illinois State Police.

Failure to yield ends in a bus accident near Chicago

Many parents across the United States rely on school buses to transport their children safely every day. Unfortunately, the recklessness of some bus drivers can cause undue pain and suffering, not only to the ones aboard their vehicle, but also to others on the road.

Recently, a collision between a school bus and an automobile in Illinois caused the school bus to roll over and land on its side. The accident occurred before noon at an intersection when the school bus driver failed to yield, and a car struck the side of the bus as a result. The impact also cause the bus to tip over onto its side. Fortunately, the bus driver and a student were not hurt, but the car driver suffered minor injuries.

Motorcycle recall aims to avoid motorcycle accidents

Many people in Chicago prefer to use a motorcycle not only because of the thrill but also because of its ease of use in traffic and fuel efficiency. However, a motorcycle is never without risks. A single instance of a motorcycle crash can easily result in injuries or fatality.

Yamaha is recalling two of its motorcycle models due to overheating headlights. The recall involves 24,000 units of the 2009-2013 YZF-R1 sportbikes and 2012-2013 Super Tenere XTZ12. According to the manufacturer, the motorcycle headlights can cause enough heat to expand the bulb connections, causing the bulb socket to overheat and melt, which can cause headlight malfunction.

Aviation accident leaves crewmembers and passengers injured

Although air travel is the safest mode of transportation, airplane passengers and crews can still sustain injuries any time between takeoff and landing. United Airlines, a Chicago, Illinois-based commercial airline company, may face serious repercussions after one of its flights left its passengers and crews literally shaken.

One of the company's Boeing 737s experienced violent turbulence while descending in Montana leaving three crewmembers and two passengers injured. While beginning its descent from 34,000 feet, the plane suddenly shook up and down, then left and right. According to a passenger, there was also a loud bang after the plane's violent landing. One of the plane's three injured crewmembers, a female, remains in the hospital.

Drugged driver causes pedestrian accident near Chicago

Illinois motorists and pedestrians need to always be aware of each other's presence, especially when entering crosswalks. Even a single act of carelessness can put the lives of everyone at risk.

A 24-year-old man is now facing an aggravated driving under the influence charge after hitting a bus and three pedestrians in Cook County, Illinois. According to police, the man was driving the wrong way on South First Avenue near Loyola University Medical Center when the accident occurred. The man's car struck a Pace bus carrying special-needs passengers and then struck three pedestrians who were in a crosswalk. Responders transported the victims to a hospital -- two of them suffered severe injuries. Five of the bus passengers were also taken to a hospital as a precaution.

Illinois DOT worker hurt in DUI-related car crash

All jobs have inherent risks. Unfortunately, some people are exposed to working conditions that make them more prone to accidents.

A 22-year-old man now faces a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge after an accident occurred near Chicago, Illinois. The Sunday night accident, which happened in the left shoulder of Kennedy Expressway, involved an Illinois Department of Transportation worker who was on the road to assist a motorist with fixing a flat tire.

Soldier from Illinois dies in a transit bus accident

Millions of people across the United States prefer to ride either a bus or other modes of mass transportation instead of driving a passenger car. Although a bus ride is convenient, the vehicle's ability to accommodate multiple passengers at one time, it can end in multiple serious injuries or fatalities if the bus is involved in an accident.

Authorities recently released the identity of a 28-year-old soldier from Cook County, Illinois, who died from injuries suffered in a bus accident. The late afternoon crash occurred when the victim and five other soldiers were heading back to base.

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