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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Motorcycle recall aims to avoid motorcycle accidents

Many people in Chicago prefer to use a motorcycle not only because of the thrill but also because of its ease of use in traffic and fuel efficiency. However, a motorcycle is never without risks. A single instance of a motorcycle crash can easily result in injuries or fatality.

The role of motorcycle defects in motorcycle accidents

Many motorcyclists in Chicago, Illinois know that careful riding habits may improve one's odds of preventing injury or death from motorcycle accidents. Riding safely may not be enough, however, if the motorcycle is defective.

TV show co-host dies in fatal car-motorcycle accident

Many Chicago, Illinois, residents may have watched the Home and Garden Channel's home improvement show, "Curb Appeal," which became a hit for its great ideas and makeovers of various homes. Tragically, one of its hosts, Bill Beckwith, recently died in a motorcycle accident in San Francisco.

How safe are motorcycles?

Many people find motorcycles an attractive alternative to cars, and the popularity of biking has even grown in recent years. Some Chicago residents may also find motorcycles are an easier, more fuel-efficient means of commuting than passenger vehicles because of their flexibility in traffic and their relatively good gas mileage.

Illinois motorcyclist dies in alcohol-related crash

Drinking and driving are known to be a dangerous combination that often leads to motor vehicle accidents, some of them fatal. Yet some drivers seem not to understand just how deadly drunk driving can be. Motor vehicle accident attorneys, however, do understand that a drunk driver on the road is a hazard not only to other drivers, but also to motorcyclists.

Chicago mother still grieving after accident kills son

It is not surprising to see Chicago and Cook County residents riding their motorcycles on the streets. After all, a number of residents own these sleek and lightweight vehicles. It is surprising, though, that there are still motorists who are unaware of motorcyclists on the road.

Police arrests suspects who fled June's motorcycle accident scene

Chicago, Illinois, is home to a number of people who favor motorcycles over other vehicles. That is because a motorcycle is an effective means of transportation for people who wish to avoid rush hour traffic. Furthermore, a motorcycle consumes less space and; therefore, parking is simpler. What worries local motorcyclists the most are negligent drivers on Chicago's roadways. Since motorcycles do not offer much protection to their riders, a motorcycle accident is often fatal.

Accident involving an Illinois state trooper and a motorcyclist

A lot of people in Chicago, Illinois favor motorcycles as a means of transportation. The reason behind this is its design, which can allow it to efficiently pass through congested traffic. However, the design may also be the only disadvantage for people who operate motorcycles. Since motorcycles do not offer the same amount of protection as other vehicles, the rider is likely to suffer serious injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident.

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